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About Bookinivi

Bookinivi is a Long Term Investment Blockchain Based Business.

Investing in Bookinivi will lead to the creation and development of a new world Portal including all kind of Bookings : Any Transports Tickets, Hotels or nightly bookings, Restaurants, Taxis and so on….

Bookinivi will include absolutely all Bookings offers on the planet. But do not expect 10% profits every 24 hours. No. It won’t happen.

You’d better expect a high return profit in your day life within early 2022.

Purchasing eIVI now, will allow you to book all your needs with it. You will need eIVI to book all your day life moves and activities.

Investing now will allow you to get so much Bonus and VIP Access for 2022.

A New Era of Bookings is Coming soon !

Purchasing eIVI

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STO – eIVI Token

STO is pre-launched early September 2019

Have you missed BTC 2 or 3 years ago maybe!

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Exceptional Bonus until 01.22.2021 thanks to solution :

* 40% eIVI Bonus for any tokens used
* 100% eIVI Bonus for all BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP or ADA tokens used


Remarketing IVI Token thanks to opportunity.

Swapping IVI Token for the evolution of IVI Token, called eIVI. Subscribe eIVI newsletter below to be advised.


The whole world is booking hotels, restaurants, airline tickets, cars, taxis, bikes and so on everyday…

Tomorrow, with only your wallet, you will be able to book everything you need everyday with our single token. Bonus and VIP access granted from now.

Don’t miss this chance out!


All your bookings payments will be available in eIVI Token.

Check our website, projects, time calendar, and get aboard today. Tomorrow you will need eIVI Token everywhere.

Get aboard now!!!!

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